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Sleeping Girl - Calorie Burning

Calorie Burning While You Sleep

There are common misunderstandings about the amount of calories consumed at various times of day and their relation to calorie burning during sleep. Below is updated information, to help you sort fact from fiction. By clarifying how calorie burning really works, it is easier to determine...

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6 NEW Sleep Management Strategies

Today's sleep experts in sleep disorders remind us that there are very important reasons why we're supposed to sleep through about a third of our lifetimes. It's because maintaining a healthy mind and body requires that we do so. The majority of people need seven...

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9 Foods to Avoid Close to Bedtime

Sleepless nights are frustrating as well as mentally and physically exhausting.  Fortunately, the problem is unnecessary and easily correctable for the majority of people in the US. Typically, merely minor adjustments in eating habits, or other small lifestyle changes, or a combination of such little...

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