Our Vision

To build the most comfortable products, so that the world can sleep and live better.

Our Mission

Quality • Innovation • Integrity • Teamwork • Passion • Accountability

Soft-Tex International is an innovation company focused on building the most comfortable products to help the world sleep and live better. With hundreds of patents, patents pending, and trademarks, Soft-Tex is the leading choice for retailers looking to offer a differentiated, well-merchandised assortment of bedding and home comfort products with the latest features and benefits.

Impressive, Solution-Oriented Technology

Soft-Tex is proud to infuse meaningful, solution-oriented technologies to address consumer needs for a cooler, cleaner, and more restorative night’s sleep. Innovations like REACTEX® personal climate control technologies coupled with many other trending features like wellness-infusions, antimicrobials, allergen barriers, eco-conscious materials, proprietary specialty memory foams and unique fill blends showcase Soft-Tex’s commitment to engineer the highest quality products that provide consumers with an optimal level of sleep satisfaction.

Coveted National & Licensed Brands

Soft-Tex’s manufactures and markets product leveraging its impressive array of intellectual property under a portfolio of fine national & licensed brands that are among the world’s most well-recognized, and feature high ratings by consumers. Read more about Soft-Tex’s award winning brands on our brands page.

Complete Commercialization & Marketing Support

In addition to supplying the highest quality, most comfortable bedding and home comfort products, Soft-Tex offers its retail, distributor, and other partners turn-key access to its best-in-class, in-house graphic design department providing comprehensive marketing support.  From retail packaging, in-department or POP displays, fixtures, signage, digital assets, video, and much more, Soft-Tex supports its retail partners and brands with these embedded services.  Soft-Tex has been honored 2 years in a row as part of the American Graphic Design Awards and was the only home textile company honored each time.

Industry-Leading Trend Research

As the world changes, so do the demands of consumers and our industry.  Soft-Tex is committed to being at the forefront of offering exceptional sleep products and to that end, recently announced the launch of its Bedding Industry Research Initiative to understand the latest trends and provide meaningful insight with industry research.

To learn more about our complete array of capabilities, please visit our Core Competencies page.


Soft-Tex produces a comprehensive assortment of garnett and blown pillows and mattress toppers at its domestic manufacturing facilities.  Soft-Tex is well-known for creating unique and constructions like MemoryLOFT, Gel Fusion, and Power of 3 with the capability coupled with additional technologies in fabrics and fibers like moisture wicking, antimicrobial, stain resistance, cooling, and more.  Soft-Tex has already doubled and is committed to continued increases in domestic and nearshore manufacturing.

While Soft-Tex is steadfastly committed to growing domestic and nearshore production, it sources product globally to ensure the optimal supply chain for each product and customer.  The sourcing and product development team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary staff across the U.S. and Asia providing best-in-class product management, quality assurance, and product and chemical engineering.  This team develops product with Soft-Tex owned and factory partners across 5 continents.



Soft-Tex International, Inc. is committed to meeting the highest quality standards for our customers ensuring that its products are comfortable and safe. Soft-Tex maintains an active quality control function across the organization and performs regular inspections and audits of all factories and facilities. Each and every employee of Soft-Tex is responsible for quality.

All Soft-Tex memory foam products use foam certified by the rigorous requirements of the CertiPUR-US program ensuring the foams meet strict requirements for content, emissions, durability, and performance.  Soft-Tex International was the first certified company to meet the CertiPUR-US certification requirements for molded memory foam products. Soft-Tex is also an active member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials.