Quality Home Comfort Accessories

Soft-Tex innovation and technology is not limited to mattresses and pillows: wrinkle-resistant sheets add another layer of soft comfort to your bed and silky pillowcases infused with copper ions help rejuvenate your skin. Soft-Tex’s lineup of heating and warming blankets and wraps, memory foam chair pads, and more provide added levels of personal comfort to the home.

Soft, Soothing

Soft-Tex’s heating and warming blankets provide extra warmth on chilly nights without increasing the cost of heating bills. Our stylish warming wraps allow you to take the warming comfort of Soft-Tex with you wherever you go. In all of our heating and warming products, the focus is on the plush, silky feel of the fabric as the heating wires are wrapped in soft fiber fill so they virtually disappear. Individual comfort is ensured with features like multiple heat settings, dual-zone heating, and easy-to-use digital controllers with programmable timers. Blankets and wraps come with SensorSafe, an auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating. This is just another way Soft-Tex creates customizable comfort for every individual.

Beyond the Bedroom

Soft-Tex designs a number of products that take our quest for comfort beyond the bedroom. Contouring memory foam chair pads provide pressure-relieving comfort in any room. Revamp barstools with our stylish memory touch foam covers. Puncture-resistant air mattresses with memory foam toppers and pressure-monitoring systems provide a comfortable extra bed whenever and wherever you need it. Skid-resistant grip pads keep furniture, bed frames and mattress toppers securely in place. Even pets can enjoy the restorative comfort of Soft-Tex with our pressure-relieving memory foam pet beds.