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The SensorPEDIC line of pillows, toppers, mattresses, and bedding accessories comes together to offer The Most Comfortable Memory Foam in the World to customers. SensorPEDIC products are manufactured with a good night’s sleep in mind and utilize a variety of comfort technologies to enhance sleep. Soft-Tex International manufactures the SensorPEDIC line of products, and SensorPEDIC products can be found in a variety of retailers including JCPenney, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Boscov’s, and Belk’s stores as well as virtually all eCommerce outlets online. As the manufacturer, Soft-Tex handles all customer service needs as well as provides warranty service following the period listed on product pages where items are purchased. Customers that purchase their SensorPEDIC products at in-store or online retailers can register their warranties online by visiting the website

About SensorPEDIC

SensorPEDIC is a luxury line of comprehensive sleep and memory foam products. Soft-Tex is committed to helping customers sleep, feel, and live better through the SensorPEDIC line of products. In fact, SensorPEDIC is one of the fastest growing specialty sleep product lines in America.

Proprietary Technology

SensorPEDIC leverages multiple impressive technology systems to create luxurious, high quality, comfortable bedding products. The iCOOL technology system improves airflow through memory foam for a cooler night’s sleep. The iCOOL technology system uses open-cell memory foam fabricated with ventilation in mind to allow this foam to be five times more breathable than a leading competitor’s memory foam. Increasing the coolness of SensorPEDIC products is the CleanCOOL fabric technology, which uses nanotechnology to not only prevent sleepers from getting hot but also to actively eliminate odors, keeping your bedding fresh, cool, and clean. Products that use the VentAIR technology sleep cool thanks to increased airflow through memory foam, reducing thermal build up in the foam that many dislike in traditional memory foams. SensorFOAM products provide pressure relieving support while creating a cooling experience due to ventilation technology and the addition of gel support beads. You can rest assured that toppers, pads, and mats will stay in place right where you want them thanks to the SensorPEDIC Gripwell anti-skid technology .

SensorPEDIC Product Highlights

SensorPEDIC offers a variety of pillows to fit anyone’s sleeping preferences. Fiber-filled, memory foam, contoured shape, and gusseted pillows are all available. For a uniquely cooling sleep experience, try out the SensorPEDIC SensorFOAM SuperCool pillow. This memory foam pillow utilizes the SensorFOAM technology to increase airflow and comfort as well as the SuperCool fabric which is cool to the touch and actively deflects heat. For those that prefer the feel of traditional fiber-filled pillows but are tired of them not providing enough support or cooling throughout the night, try the Gel Fusion Pillow. This pillow is crafted with cooling gel beads suspended in a unique memory fiber blend, offering the support of a memory foam pillow combined with the fluffiness of a fiber pillow.

Why not upgrade your bed with a luxurious topper? SensorPEDIC manufactures memory foam toppers ranging in thickness from 1.5 to 4 inches depending on your needs. Adding a SensorPEDIC topper to your bed allows you to improve the pressure relief and comfort you feel while spending less than you would on a brand new mattress. To find out more about the Most Comfortable Memory Foam in the World, head over to the SensorPEDIC website to browse products, learn about technology, and peruse retail partners.