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Hydration and Sleep Quality

Very few Americans drink enough water or fluids to meet our optimal hydration rates. In fact, one recent study showed that as many as 80 percent of Americans are not drinking enough water....

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Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

If you struggle with getting to sleep or getting back to sleep upon waking in the middle of the night, you're not alone. An estimated 168 million Americans report experiencing difficulty...

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Best Pillows for Snorers

Millions of Americans have difficulty sleeping through the night, and their quality and quantity of sleep, as well as overall health, suffers because of inability to get to or stay asleep....

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How To Wash A Pillow

We all know that we should be washing our sheets and bedding regularly, but what about your pillow? Well, according to a 2015 New York Post article referencing a bacteria exhibit at the...

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Calorie Burning While You Sleep

There are common misunderstandings about the amount of calories consumed at various times of day and their relation to calorie burning during sleep. Below is updated information, to help...

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