Soft-Tex takes pride in being a market leader of fiber and hybrid filled products leveraging specialized garnett and ormont machines tailored to build the finest pillows and mattress toppers. Each product leverages the fibers and blend of materials to create the perfect sleep experience for every sleep style. From firm, lofty pillows to those offering a soft, cloud-like feel, our sleep product engineers have perfected loft control technology to offer something for everyone across the comfort spectrum.



SofLoft Hypoallergenic fill adds a layer of ultra-soft & fluffy comfort to your sleep products.


CoolFusion and GelFusion Technology enhances your sleeping experience with the combination of plush fiber fill and cooling gel beads for a more rejuvenating night’s sleep. The lofty support of this fill maximizes comfort while still providing the support that you need.



FreshFill® recycled polyester provides an alternative way for us to use a material that is not biodegradable. It allows for fiber to be derived from recycled plastics that can be used in our sleeping products to provide comfort and support that otherwise would end up in landfills.

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A luxury hybrid blend technology featuring a proprietary mix of supportive fiber fill and pressure relieving memory foam clusters used in pillows and mattress toppers.



SensorElle is a luxurious fiberfill used in Soft-Tex’s blown pillows and toppers designed to simulate the feel of memory foam in a fiber and cradle and support the entire body.


Dual Comfort is a combination of memory foam and fiber. Utilizing a super open-cell memory foam technology that does not sleep hot, allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortable all night long and a ventilated, iCOOL™ technology, an advanced ventilation fabrication process to the memory foam enhancing breathability and coolness.