Discover Soft-Tex’s Bath and Kitchen Mats

Soft-Tex offers bath & kitchen mats designed to add style and comfort to every bathroom and kitchen. With industry-leading features such as pressure-relieving memory foam, ultra-soft covers, and Gripwell anti-skid technology, these mats make the routine enjoyable.

Clean, Stable

Soft-Tex’s mats provide the perfect blend of comfort and support using multilayered cushioning systems, pressure-relieving memory foam or gel-infused anti-fatigue foam. Our mats come with a variety of standing surfaces, ranging from super soft cotton or memory foam fill tufted covers to stable and supportive poly tops. Soft-Tex’s bath & kitchen mats are engineered for lasting comfort and are easy to clean with a simple wipe-down for poly mats or in the washer for our memory foam mats.

Worried About Water?
No Problem

Soft-Tex’s proprietary open-cell memory foam design increases airflow and improves the drying time of our memory foam bath & kitchen mats. Mats featuring GripWELL technology further enhance airflow and drying times while simultaneously keeping the mat right where you want it, day after day.

Styles for Every Room

Soft-Tex’s bath & kitchen mats come in an attractive array of sizes, colors and designs to fit any situation and match any room. From half round mats to extra-long rectangle mats, choose the color and style you want.

Experience the attractive look and anti-fatigue comfort of Soft-Tex’s bath & kitchen mats today!