Soft-Tex is proud to offer a complete assortment of protectors and encasements to offer a more comfortable night’s sleep and protect against spills, allergens, bed bugs, and much more creating a more restful environment.

Mattress Protector on a bed

Mattress Protectors

Soft-Tex offers luxury whisper-quiet fabrics in our protectors that won’t disturb you as you sleep and antimicrobial and antiallergen treatments providing the ultimate in mattress protection from allergens, moisture, and bed bugs. Technologies like MicroShield® and Microban® offer premium allergen protection, blocking 99.78% of all allergen particles measuring 1 micron or greater. Soft-Tex merchandised protector assortment has the ideal protector for everyone. Offering a wide array of features and benefits including essential models with basic waterproof protection to protectors including other technologies such as waterproof, stain-resistant, odor control protection, cooling and more.

Mattress Encasement on a bed

Mattress Encasements

Soft-Tex’s assortment of 360-degree encasement systems provide maximum protection from bed bugs and a total allergen barrier. Soft-Tex’s assortment of encasements are made to fit a wide array of mattress thicknesses and feature the same benefits of our protectors like waterproofing, antimicrobial, anti-allergen, stain-resistance and cooling.

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