Scented Pillows and More: Discover New Pillow Collections Promoting Natural Wellness

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It’s no secret that consumers of all ages are more interested in products that promote health and wellness than ever before. Customers are seeking out more holistic products, as purchase analyses reflect that health is seeping into all aspects of consumer’s lives. Demand is growing for more nature-infused and wellness-promoting products in a variety of industries including food and beverage, cleaning products, exercise, skincare and makeup, fashion, and now textiles. Currently, health and wellness is tapped as becoming the next trillion dollar trend in the United States.  This unique industry cited a 17% gain between 2016 and 2017 and is predicted to make even greater strides in 2018.

A large piece of the wellness trend comes from the use of natural elements to promote wellness. Aromatherapy is a key player in this arena, as essential oil use is exploding.  Future Market Insights predicts sizable growth for aromatherapy through 2026, as the industry steadily expands with the help of its 7.7% compound annual growth rate. This leap can be attributed partially to consumers’ growing desire to meet mental and physical health needs in a more natural, holistic way.

Sleep has long been known for the restorative role it plays in our lives.  Sleep greatly influences individuals’ overall health, from impacting brain health, boosting the immune system and preventing heart problems to even helping increase one’s lifespan. It makes sense that the bedding industry is incorporating natural wellness products into their collections to help increase the benefit one receives from spending one third of their lifetime asleep.

In March, Soft Tex unveiled a new collection of scented pillows, infused with aromatherapy ingredients that boost relaxation, reduce stress, and aid in bolstering the immune system. In 2017, the average stress level for an adult in the U.S. rose to all time high of 5.1 on 1 to 10 scale; high levels of chronic stress greatly impact one’s ability to function due to disruption in sleep, appetite, anxiety, fatigue, and the immune system. Soft-Tex’s collection of aromatherapy pillows can address these common issues by helping customers relax and stay asleep, allowing them to get the restorative benefit of a full night’s sleep. This line consists of lavender, frankinscense, and eucalyptus scented pillows marketed as “Relax,” “Soothe,” and “Fresh” scents, respectively, each incorporating the natural health benefits of each ingredient.

Now, Soft-Tex’s newest pillow collection promotes wellness through the unique infusion of a variety of natural elements such as charcoal, graphite, copper, silver, and aloe vera into pillows. These pillows harness the power of these elements to control for odor and moisture (charcoal), provide antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits (copper and silver), keep sleepers cool through the night (graphite), and promote relaxation (aloe vera) during a night of sleep.

If you are interested in incorporating the benefits of wellness products into your bedding collection in your store or eCommerce assortment, contact the Soft-Tex sales team using our contact form to discuss further.