Soft-Tex pillows provide incredible comfort for the ultimate sleep experience and truly restorative rest. By combining the highest quality materials with the latest cooling and support technologies, Soft-Tex creates the perfect pillow for everyone. Featuring molded memory foam, fiber fill, or hybrid blends, Soft-Tex manufactures every kind of pillow for every person: classic pillows, contour pillows, body pillows, bed wedge pillows, oversized pillows, travel pillows, and knee support pillows.

Soft-Tex’s memory foam products create the restorative comfort consumers crave. Our open-cell memory foam stays cooler than other leading competitors’ memory foam. The pressure-relieving support of our memory foam cradles the head and neck for truly therapeutic rest. Soft-Tex’s fiber pillows are designed for plush, lofty comfort. Hybrid pillows combine the best of Soft-Tex’s supportive memory foam and lofty, soft fiber.


Molded Memory Foam

Soft-Tex uses the latest technology to create the ideal memory foam pillow for every situation. Our memory foam pillow products are constructed with molded memory foam, a superior fabrication process that results in a memory foam that is more durable and longer-lasting than conventional “cut” memory foam. Molded memory foam pillows uniformly maintain their shape and comfort while creating a snug fit for all of Soft-Tex’s luxury pillow covers. There is no better memory foam pillow.


Gel Pillows

Our gel and gel-infused products are unparalleled when it comes to providing superior cooling comfort. Using the latest advances in gel-infusion, Soft-Tex manufactures pillows that provide the best in support and cooling comfort. Soft-Tex’s gel-infused memory foam is fabricated with tiny gel support beads for superior pressure-relieving support and added cooling comfort. Gel overlays create an added cooling surface to our memory foam pillows. GelMAX® gel overlay, with its revolutionary time-release technology, is the best in the industry in creating long-lasting cooling comfort.


Fiber Blown Pillows

Soft-Tex’s blown pillows are manufactured with precision to constantly deliver the perfect pillow. Using the best machines in the industry allows Soft-Tex to create a perfect fluffy pillow with even fill distribution and extra degree of lofty fiber fill. Only the finest fibers and fiber blends are blown into each pillow using precise calibrations to reach the target weight mark (medium, firm) for a pillow that consistently feels the way it should.


Garnetted Pillows

Soft-Tex uses advanced loft-control technology and the garnetting process to create pillows that feature the right balance of comfort and weight. Raw fibers are combed into fine mats and stacked to reach the target weight, then cut with high-pressure airflow for a loft-infused pillow core. Soft-Tex’s garnetted pillows provide the perfect amount of comfort and support for every sleep style.


Luxury Fabrics

Soft-Tex’s luxury pillow fabrics are designed to enhance the incredible sleep experience of our memory foam and fiber pillows. Soft-Tex uses the finest fibers to create luxury fabrics with amazing features. Circular-knit fabric covers add breathability and a super soft feel to the pillow. Synthetic and natural materials—like our Cool Cotton fabric—are engineered to be cool to the touch. The moisture-wicking technology of CoolMax® and Nanotex® Coolest Comfort Technology keep pillow fabrics cool and dry while maintaining the fabric’s soft feel. Whatever the sleep needs are, Soft-Tex has the luxury fabric to meet them.

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Luxury Fibers & Treatments

The high-quality comfort of Soft-Tex pillows is the product of using only the finest natural and recycled polyester fibers. The gel fiber of SofLoft is a synthetic down-like fiber that truly captures the plush feel of down. All of Soft-Tex’s pillow fills are hypoallergenic for a healthier sleep environment, and advanced antimicrobial treatments like UltraFresh® keep the pillows fresh and odor free. Clean comfort for refreshing rest.

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