Next Generation Climate Control

Your Climate.
Your Choice.

Reactex offers revolutionary, cooling and warming technologies with proprietary chemistry and patent-pending processes.  Products infused with Reactex control energy flow and storage without violating the rules of physics helping create your ideal personal climate. Reactex’s state-of-the-art customization and pressure activation helps deliver ideal, rechargeable temperature control and personalized comfort.







A climate control technology that employs the rules of physics managing energy flow to disperse heat  activating sustained climate control, while other PCM materials simply absorb passive heat for minutes

Your body and your well being. Our body-activated thermal structure pulls excess heat from the  surface enabling ions to move rapidly and distribute evenly for hours of comfort.

Everlasting comfort. Scientifically engineered  to recharge and regenerate its cooling capacity. A game-changing component technology with endless possibilities.

What is REACTEX?

Speaking in terms of the umbrella of technology, quite simply, REACTEX™ is the “Goldilocks of temperature.”  When it comes to your personal climate, no one likes being too hot or too cold – it has to be “just right.” REACTEX™ Technologies help deliver your ideal climate through controlling heat energy flow and storage to create a customer’s unique ideal personal climate. Functioning like a battery, REACTEX™ technologies can store and release heat to provide overnight cooling or heating through pressure activation.


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Cool To The Touch

Short term PCM absorption
Stays in product
Set temperature regulation

Figure on cooling bed
All Night Cooling

Continuous movement of energy
Disperse heat away from the body
Customize temperature regulation
Up to 8 hours of cooling
Physicist development technology

Figure on Cool Bed