Soft-Tex Announces March 2020 New York Market Themes & Innovations

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(NEW YORK, NY – March 8th, 2020) Soft-Tex International, a leading supplier of innovative bedding and mattresses, is excited to announce key themes and new innovations that will be presented during the upcoming Spring New York Home Fashions Market March 22nd – 26th.

Charisma License Launch
Soft-Tex is excited to unveil its collection of Charisma branded memory foam bedding and accessories offering consumers luxury at its finest. Available lines include memory foam mattresses, toppers, pillows, pads, and protection products.

Epic Chill Product Collection Powered by REACTEX
Soft-Tex is now accepting orders for its comprehensive Epic Chill collection of bedding products powered by REACTEX state-of-the-art cooling technology, available for shipment & delivery in January 2021. This line will feature MAP pricing and significant Soft-Tex-funded advertising support for the brand.

Wellness Product Line Expansion
Building on the wellness themes of “Relaxing & Soothing,” “Fresh & Clean,” and “Beauty Overnight,” Soft-Tex is pleased to offer new wellness-infusions with state-of the-art chemistry including highlighted lines of CBD, natural antimicrobials & anti-allergen technology, new scents, and giftables.

Personalization & Performance
In a recent SmarterHQ study, nearly three-quarters of consumers surveyed reported they will only engage with marketing messages personalized to their unique interests. As growing numbers of consumers desire these customized experiences, Soft-Tex is excited to offer a collection of adjustable products under its personalization theme and several solution-focused bedding products designed to help consumers sleep better and achieve peak performance.

Buy Now, Ship Now – Vendor Direct Products
With global supply chains impacted from the spread of COVID-19, Soft-Tex is here to help stocked lines of all basic bedding categories and mattresses for immediate shipment.

About Soft-Tex International, Inc.

Soft-Tex International, Inc. is an innovation company focused on building the most comfortable products to help the world sleep and live better. With proprietary technologies spanning categories like personal climate control, wellness, antimicrobials, & allergen barriers, coupled with coveted national brands like SensorPEDIC®, SensorGel®, BioPEDIC®, & DreamSmart®, Soft-Tex offers its retail, distributor, and other partners the highest quality, most comfortable products with best-in-class, in-house merchandising, digital marketing, customer service, and global supply chain capabilities.