Soft-Tex Unveils “REACTEX™ Experience” Showcase of new REACTEX Technology at NY Home Fashions Market

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Soft-Tex International, a leading omnichannel supplier of bedding and home comfort products, is excited to announce the “REACTEX™ Experience” headlining its array of new innovations and products in its 230 Fifth Avenue showroom as part of the upcoming New York Home Fashions Market taking place March 18th – 21st, 2019.

The REACTEX™ Experience
Soft-Tex’s showroom has been transformed to feature a brand new room where visitors can come and experience the groundbreaking REACTEX™ all-night cooling technology and learn more about new collections and brands of pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and more “powered by REACTEX™.”

The REACTEX™ cooling technology featured in the REACTEX Experience room stores heat away from the user and can be felt nearly instantly. REACTEX™ leverages pressure activation and proprietary construction designed to be Octo-Cold™ (providing 8 hours of continuous all-night cooling) and recharges when not in use.

“Soft-Tex prides itself on continuously showcasing new innovation, but REACTEX transcends anything we’ve ever shown and the Experience will truly blow you away. I’m beyond excited for people to see it” said Eric Hasper Soft-Tex Design Director & Showroom Manager.

Wellness Product Line Expansion, New Infusions, & Launch of “Beauty Overnight”
As the demand for wellness products continues to skyrocket, Soft-Tex has expanded the application of the technologies to include both new categories including sheets, mattress toppers, and memory foam mattresses and new infusions like Vitamin E, Pearl, CBD oil, and more.

As Soft-Tex has expanded its wellness collection to new product categories, it has developed 3 specific themes for the benefits the products offer which include: Fresh & Clean, Soothing Relaxation, and Beauty Overnight.

The Beauty Overnight theme which is new for this market, was created by bringing the same technologies that are booming in the beauty industry to textile applications through various infusion methods like microencapsulation and more. The beauty industry is booming and expected to grow to a more than $850 billion dollar industry by 2024. As such, Soft-Tex sees its Beauty Overnight collection as a way to help fashion home retailers capitalize on this growth.

“People spend a third of their lives in bed, so offering bedding that actively has beauty boosting benefits is truly transformative as there’s no other product around that can offer this type of benefit or touches our skin for 8+ hours,” said Chris Marsh, Soft-Tex Chief Marketing Officer.

EcoPEDIC Line Expansion & New Sustainability Initiatives
Soft-Tex is building on the success of the EcoPEDIC line of products originally introduced at the January Las Vegas Furniture Market and featuring product across all bedding categories including mattresses.

The EcoPEDIC line features a unique Leaf Rating System used in product packaging and digital assets to rate the product’s level of sustainability across various attributes including: the fill and cover materials used, product packaging, manufacturing processes, and industry certifications. EcoPEDIC products shown this market will feature Repreve® and many other eco-efficient fibers and fills. Soft-Tex is also proud to unveil its Lemon & Lime collection of EcoPEDIC product created for back to school product.

Sheet Category Expansion
Soft-Tex’s is expanding its sheet offering to cater to the high end market with lines focused on sustainability, wellness, cooling, luxury, and enhanced allergy protection. Target retails for these lines range between $79.99 to $149.99 for a queen set.

Black Friday Deal Preparation
Soft-Tex will also be featuring a new Black Friday Think Tank area in its showroom for consultative planning with our leadership team to help retailers develop product for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other Q4 specials.

For appointments to visit Soft-Tex at its 230 Fifth Avenue showroom during market, please visit or contact Taylor Jones, Director of Digital Marketing at tjones(at)

About Soft-Tex International:
As one of America’s premier sleep product manufacturers, Soft-Tex International’s mission is to help consumers sleep comfortably and live better through innovative design. As the marketplace for sleep and home comfort products evolves, Soft-Tex meets the needs of omnichannel retailers by not only manufacturing products with leading-edge technologies, but also providing best-in-class physical and digital merchandising solutions.