Soft-Tex is widely recognized as an industry leader in the development and marketing of patented sleep enhancement technologies. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating innovative ways to improve sleep quality.


Quality. Comfort. Safety

The CertiPUR-US Certification is the gold standard for polyurethane foams and signifies that our foams have undergone rigorous testing for content, emissions, and durability by an independent laboratory.

Soft-Tex was the first company in the world to achieve this certification for molded foam products.

Reactex Technology Group

REACTEX Technology Group, A Soft-Tex Joint Venture

Soft-Tex is proud to launch a personal climate control technology company, REACTEX Technology Group featuring the namesake REACTEX™ climate control technologies

Under the umbrella name of REACTEX™, the technologies describe an additive technology formulated to control heat energy flow and storage to create a customer’s unique ideal personal climate. Functioning like a battery, REACTEX™ technologies can store and release heat to provide overnight cooling or heating through pressure activation. The technology is self-recharging when not in use.

For more information, please visit the REACTEX™ website, For business development or licensing inquiries, please contact Scott Thayer, VPBD – REACTEX™ at sthayer(at)

Soft-Tex is proud to feature the most innovative technologies in its products:

The iCOOL Technology System® provides a cooler sleep experience through Soft-Tex’s superior fabrication processes, foams, and fabrics.

The GelMAX® gel overlay incorporates time release technology that continues to cool longer than other gel products.

Our products made with Microshield have been laboratory tested and proven to block 99.78% of all allergen particles measuring 1 micron or greater. This fabric technology is also water & stain repellent.

Our patent-pending Aqua Seal™ waterproof memory foam products are designed to maximize outdoor performance and deliver superior memory foam comfort.

This specially designed technology creates a cooler sleeping environment through ventilation of the foam to enhance cooling but maintain comfort & support.

Gripwell is a superior skid resistant backing technology providing improved stability and keeps our toppers, pads, and mats securely in place.

iDEAL Comfort Technology® leverages a revolutionary memory foam formulation with temperature regulating phase change material (PCM), which is designed to help regulate your skin temperature and keep it within the optimal comfort zone for sleep.

Transcend™ memory foam is an open-cell hypoallergenic foam formulation that provides plush comfortable support all night long. It sleeps cooler than regular memory foam by dissipating body heat. With its fast recovery and conforming abilities it reduces motion transfer

SensorFOAM® is an open-cell ventilated memory foam designed to help eliminate pressure points and increase breathability for overall sleeping comfort