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There’s a lot of buzz today about memory foam.  In fact, Google Trends data shows that so far in 2018, searches for “memory foam” are up over 117% from where they were in 2008 – wow!  As a leading manufacturer of memory foam sleep products, Soft-Tex has played a part in the evolution of the category particularly with respect to cooling the memory foam sleep experience, but what really makes it special?

Apart from saying it “feels good,” it’s hard for most people to describe, but memory foam has numerous therapeutic benefits to help you enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.  This quick read will give you the overview of memory foam’s history and help you understand its countless benefits.

History of Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows and mattresses have transformed the way we sleep and relax. They are becoming very popular due to their affordability, especially when compared to regular spring mattresses. Over the last twenty years, consumers have really started to take notice of the benefits that memory foam materials offer. According to Miriam Gottfried with Barron’s Magazine, research shows memory foam pillows and mattresses account for 20% of the industry’s sales. And while regular consumers have helped increase memory foam’s market share, it is also thanks to a large number of hospitals that have jumped on the memory foam bandwagon that such an increase in sales has taken place. These hospitals are recognizing the health benefits gained when using memory foam mattresses, which are discussed in detail below.

Memory Foam Benefits

Pressure Point Relief

When you lay in a certain position for a long period of time, the downward pull of gravity can render improper circulation, causing damage to soft tissues in your body. Memory foam will help relieve pressure and prevent sores and pain on sensitive parts of your body.

Support and the Body’s Alignment

Memory foam maintains consistent support of your entire body by evenly spreading your body weight throughout the bed. Pillows and mattresses made out of this material contour to the body’s curves, providing support to the head, neck, and lower back; this, in turn, helps keep your spine in a neutral position. Memory foam pillows are great because they prevent the neck from bending by molding to your specific head shape.

Relieving and Preventing Pain

With pressure relieving memory foam, you will notice that your overall pain will improve. It is reported that people who use memory foam mattresses have seen pain relief in the shoulders, hips, and back, along with the ability to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis.


If you suffer from allergies, you will find relief with memory foam mattresses and pillows. This special material is known to limit allergens, like pet dander and mold, from entering into the mattress. This is especially ideal for those who suffer from an allergy to feathers, wool, and other types of fiber allergies. Memory foam pads that are made from plant-based Bio Pur materials contain a low amount of VOCs, resulting in little off-gassing. This is good for you if you are sensitive to harsh chemicals and smells.

It’s a Win-win With Memory Foam Products

With moderately low maintenance, memory foam products are a great choice in regard to their upkeep. You can simply rotate memory foam mattresses yearly and occasionally vacuum them to maintain their freshness and cleanness. Memory foam products are known to have a lifespan of up to ten years. Soft-Tex is an industry leader in the memory foam industry. Many memory foam products are known to sleep hot, but Soft-Tex uses a unique infusion of cooling technologies in its products to deter this heating issue. Leveraging proprietary cooling technologies that encompass and ventilate the foam, along with cooling fabrics and infused cooling gels, you are sure to get a restful night of sleep, leaving you feeling better than ever when sleeping on Soft-Tex memory foam products.