Warming Blankets

Soft-Tex innovative warming blankets are designed to help you keep warm at night without needing to turn up the thermostat. Heat settings allow the user to adjust their blankets warmth to their preference. Our blankets have soft covers for extra softness and comfort. The warming system senses temperatures and adjusts the blanket’s heat level for consistent warmth throughout the night.


Warming Mattress Pads

Soft-Tex offers a variety of warming mattress pads that have indulgent layers of warmth joined with a soft wire technology that form the ultimate heated mattress pads, with a variety of heat settings, auto-shut off and extra long cords. You can stay warm and cozy at the perfect temperature while you sleep in your bed.


Warming Accessories

Soft-Tex innovative design has created many styles of accessories that can be used in your everyday life. From the warming products for your neck, back and feet to creative shapes and styles that can be used on-the-go or anywhere you like to relax and have that extra feel of warmth and support.