What is a Memory Foam and Fiber Hybrid Mattress Topper?

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If you’ve investigated getting a topper to help your mattress sleep more comfortably, maybe you have been impressed by the amount of options available to you. The two most common types of mattress toppers are fiberbed toppers or memory foam slab toppers. One is extra fluffy, while the other offers superb support and pressure relief. It’s not often in our lives that we get to experience the best of both worlds, but when purchasing a mattress topper, you may be in luck! Somewhat new to the market is the memory foam and fiber hybrid mattress topper, which combines both traditional fiber and memory foam for a unique and comfortable sleeping experience.

Benefits of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers can make any mattress more comfortable to you. Maybe your preferences have changed since you purchased your mattress, or maybe you want to try out a new material as a topper without committing to purchasing a whole new mattress. Whatever the case may be, toppers are an easy and cost-efficient way to amp up your bedding and help you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Even the firmest beds can feel as plush as a cloud with the addition of a mattress topper. Many toppers have better air flow than mattresses, and some are even made of materials that wick moisture and function to keep you cool during the night.

One other key benefit mattress toppers offer is protection. It’s no secret that our mattresses collect many germs, mites, and cells throughout their lifespans. Oil, sweat, and fluids from our bodies seep into our mattresses. Adding a topper adds a protective layer between our mattress and our bodies, allowing our mattress to stay more clear of germs and able to hold up for a longer period of time. Mattress toppers are much less expensive than mattresses and are easier to replace over time than mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress Toppers

As mentioned above, the hybrid mattress topper combines memory foam with fiber. That may sound strange, but the end result is a topper that offers second-to-none pressure relieving support and the plush comfort of fiber filled toppers. Although a traditional memory foam topper is made of a slab of memory foam, hybrid toppers instead use shredded memory foam, which offers the same supportive qualities of regular memory foam but functions differently. The shredded foam looks exactly how it sounds. When it is paired with the similar fiber, the result is a fluffable, plush topper.

If you’re looking for a mattress topper, going with a hybrid memory foam-fiber topper is a safe choice because you are getting all the benefits of a memory foam and a fiber topper in one, and you won’t second-guess your decision wishing you had one or the other. If you’re ready to amp up your bedding and add a hybrid topper, check out these great options to get you on your way to better sleep: