Why Spend More for a Memory Foam Pillow?

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It seems like the price of pillows and bedding is on the rise recently, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. It can certainly be overwhelming and leave you questioning your choices. Is it really worth shelling out the extra money for this fancy pillow? And what’s the deal with memory foam pillows versus the traditional fiber filled pillows? If these thoughts run through your head, read on to gain clarification on what makes and quality pillow and what is worth your hard-earned cash.

Memory Foam vs. Fiber-Filled Pillows

Memory foam pillows are more expensive than traditional fiber filled pillows, but are they worth paying a little extra for? Many would argue that spending money on memory foam pillows is the way to go because of their enhanced durability, warranty, support, and comfort. Memory foam pillows are created using a combination of a polymer called polyurethane and approved chemicals that bond together to create the viscoelastic foam. Memory foam has a unique smooth texture that allows for high levels of pressure relief and temperature regulation. Traditional fiber filled pillows are stuffed with fiber and do not offer as smooth of a texture or as much support as memory foam pillows.


Memory foam pillows are naturally more dense than fiber filled pillows. Not only does the denseness contribute to enhanced support, but it also contributes greatly to a pillow’s durability. Fiber filled pillows often go flat and need to be replaced every six months or so. Memory foam pillows can last for years, and many high quality ones have manufacturers’ warranties that back up their durability.


It’s not uncommon to find a memory foam pillow with a 10-year warranty. Can you think of anything else that you have used daily and have had for 10 years? High quality memory foam is built to last, and warranties on these pillows show it. Many fiber filled pillows do not come with warranties, and, if they do, the warranty likely does not cover a span of years, much less a decade.


Memory foam is able to conform to the shape of your head and offer support to the places you need it most. Additionally, memory foam contouring helps keep your neck and spine aligned and in a neutral position, leading to more restorative sleep as your head, neck, and spine are able to properly relax during the night.


It’s no secret that memory foam pillows are comfortable to sleep on. Their material means that you won’t have to deal with it going flat over time or becoming lumpy. Many memory foam pillows are offered in contoured shapes, giving your head and neck a cradle in the pillow. Also, technology has come a long way, and memory foam pillows are cooler than ever. Increased air flow and special materials help make memory foam cool and ensure that you’re not continuously chasing the cool side of the pillow as you might be with a fiber filled pillow.

Not only are memory foam pillows physically comfortable, but they also give you the peace and comfort of mind to know what you are sleeping on. Memory foam pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they don’t harbor as many mites, dust, or skin cells that a fiber filled pillow may. For the optimum memory foam choice, select CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, which uses the safest ingredients and goes through lots of testing to earn its high quality distinction.

The Verdict?

While traditional fiber filled pillows are cheaper, they do not offer as much support as memory foam pillows, and they are far less durable. It may cost more upfront to purchase a quality memory foam pillow, but it will not have to be replaced as often as a fiber filled pillow would be. Using a memory foam pillow can help take your sleep to the next level, so make the investment in a quality memory foam pillow today!